• Mis-Qua-Mi-Saga-Eh-Ganing

Abinoojiyag Noojimoo-wigamig

The Children's Healing Center

"We will walk with you through your healing process as you gain knowledge of yourself, language, and culture in hopes of finding Gida Mino-bimaadiz (you living a good life)."
Vision Statement

We will strive to continue our tradition of working to help our youth heal and feel safe by offering them the tools and resources to live a better life - enabling them to flourish within our Red Lake Nation

Mission Statement

Realize a 20% reduction in juvenile delinquency and juvenile recidivism during the next five years by implementing a holistic comprehensive strategic plan that is supported by Red Lake Tribal leaders, Tribal programs, youth, families, and community

Overarching Goals

Create permanent partnerships within all tribal programs that serve Red Lake youth and their families that will lead to healthy and safe lifestyle choices for Red Lake youth.

Intendend Outcomes
  • Create a “wraparound” service model approach utilizing all current youth-serving programs at Red Lake
  • Develop trauma informed care and restorative practices and strategies that will result in an increase of parent/family involvement for Red Lake youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Promote mental, emotional, behavioral, physical, and cultural health and wellness for Red Lake youth
  • Develop and implement a “Healing to Wellness” model in all prevention, intervention and treatment services and programs
  • Reservation wide transformation and systems changes for all youth-serving programs
Our Philosophy

The Abinoojiiyag Noojimoo-Wigamig staff are committed to a philosophy of “Healing & Wellness.”

All staff will:

  • Provide youth with behavioral and cognitive skills required in establishing themselves without conflict in their own communities
  • Provide youth with problem solving skills required for establishing themselves without conflict in their own communities
  • Assist youth in developing the communication skills that will enable them to deal effectively with their own problems
  • Support and assist youth in completing their court ordered obligations


Contact Information:
Abinoojiyag Noojimoo-wigamig
PO Box 583
Red Lake MN 56671

Abinoojiyag Noojimoo-wigamig Staff:
Muriel Dudley
Abinoojiiyag Noojimoo Wigamig Juvenile Facility/Recidivism Director
Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians
218.679.1506 (office)

Alyss Seki
Youth Intervention Specialist
Abinoojiiyag Noojimoo Wigamig
(218) 679-1507

Tanya White
Youth Intervention Specialist
Abinoojiiyag Noojimoo Wigamig
(218) 679-1508

Abinoojiyag Noojimoo-wigamig Advisory Board:
Tom Barrett Executive Director, Red Lake Chemical Health
Bill Brunelle Chief, Red Lake Police Department
Dave Conner Self-Governance Coordinator/Project Director
Charles Dolson Tribal Executive Administrator
Jenny Hollis Licensed Social Worker, Red Lake Comprehensive Health
Ronald Kingbird Red Lake Comprehensive Health/Mental Health
Wanda Lyons Administrator, Red Lake Detention Services
Austin Needham Tribal Court Associate Judge Ogema Neadeau Tribal Court Chief Prosecutor
Dana Lyons Jr. Captain, Red Lake Police Department

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